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Hands off, gloves on.


Antimicrobial gloves made from copper-integrated fabric



Moisture wicking

Breathable & thermoregulating

Ergonomically designed

Touchscreen friendly

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Size guide

To determine your glove size, measure around the palm of your hand.

Size chart


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Why they’re effective.


Destroys 99.9% of viruses and bacteria within minutes of contact.

Copper doesn’t wash off

The innovative copper technology has been rigorously tested and does not wear off or rub off over the life of the product.

Anti-odour & Moisture wicking

Keeps away bad smells and leaves you feeling fresh all day long.

Breathable & thermoregulating

Helps you stay dry, cool and comfortable throughout the day.

Ergonomically designed

The gloves are made to be lived in. The close skin fit and 4-way stretch encourage freedom of movement.

Touchscreen friendly

Silicone grips and ergonomic thumb design allow you to keep texting and typing!


We’re Just Getting Started

As an innovative fashion brand, Inner Mettle combines science and sus- tainable manufacturing to promote better health and a brighter future for our world. In March of this year we found ourselves a few months away from our first copper-infused fashion product. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit we felt it was our duty to use the copper coated fabric in our factory for a more immediate need: helping our communities.

Pledge from Founder

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic Inner Mettle’s founder has ple- dged to forego compensation for this year. All proceeds from sales for 2020 will be used for research, sustaining operations and creating income opportunities for people who have been impacted by the crisis.

Frequently asked questions

One for one

For every pair of gloves sold we will give away a pair of gloves to someone in a high risk occupation such as police and supermarket workers.

Why wear copper gloves?
What is the maximum order size?
Can I wear the copper gloves during summer?
Are copper gloves safe to wear?
How do I wash my copper gloves?
Do the copper gloves include grip?
Which countries do the copper gloves ship to?
Will the copper gloves keep my hands warm in winter?
Are the copper gloves for men and women?