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IM Fresh SilverSole Socks

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Better hygiene for your feet.


Organic cotton socks with silver yarn soles

Anti-odour & antibacterial

Designed for durability

Super comfy fit

Wash less often, wear more

Size guide

Size guide To determine your sock size, you’ll need to know your shoe size!

Materials & Manufacturing

Organic cotton from Turkey xx %

Lycra xx%

Polyamide xx%

Silver yarns from Italy

Made in R.N. Macedonia, factory standard: ISO 9001:2015

Why they're better
than your current socks.

Your feet sweat a lot, and deserve better.

Did you know that you have loads of sweat glands in your feet? Actually, there is a higher concentration of sweat glands on your feet when compared to anywhere else on your body! And so, you should take much more care when choosing your socks.

Antibacterial soles

Let’s face it, our socks are a breeding ground for bacteria, even after a good wash! We’ve used a silver yarn for the sole of the sock to avoid unwanted bacteria and keep your feet on top of their game, whatever that may be.

Designed for extra grip.

Rubber soles are better for hiking!

Memory foam for enhanced comfort

Improves stability and absorbs shock.

Cork added to insole for better foot hygiene

Helps you stay dry, cool and comfortable throughout the day.

Single piece tongue.

For a super comfy fit.

Stay-fresh guarantee!

IM Fresh socks are made to be lived in. We guarantee that your socks will still feel fresh no matter your plans for the day — run, walk, work, play. If you’re not convinced, send them back to us, no questions asked.


Frequently asked questions

Why wear IM Fresh SilverSole socks?
How do I care for my socks?
Are the socks safe to wear?
Can I return my order if it is the wrong size?
Which countries do the socks ship to?
Why do you manufacture the socks in Macedonia?