IM BioPerform Women’s Sports Bra

Price $70

Athletic performance meets well-being. We created IM BioPerform because we saw a need for quality performance activewear without the nasty microplastics.

Dries fast
50% faster than
Standard polyamides

Odor control

Petroleum and
plastic free

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Responsibly Made
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Responsibly Made

100% renewable and natural fabric from Italy

No impact on food chain (human or animal)
Life cycle assessment low impact on climate change (-25%)*
Reduced water consumption (-20%)*
Reduced CO2 emissions (-20%)*

*compared to standard polyamides

Made in R.N. Macedonia in compliance with local regulations.
Factory standard: ISO 9001:2015

  • Description
  • Materials & Manufacturing
  • Shipping & Returns

  • Performance Sportswear made using patented fabric from Italy
  • Extra rapid drying, 50% faster than standard polyamides
  • Natural odour control properties
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Lightweight & super stretch
  • Thermal isolation
  • Eco-friendly water repellency
  • Designed in Europe

Materials & Manufacturing

  • Castor bean fabric from Italy
  • 77% Bio-based Polyamide, 23% Elastane
  • Made in R.N. Macedonia

Shipping & Returns

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Why BioPerform Sportswear?

Most performance activewear is bad for your health

IM BioPerform is 100% petroleum and plastic free. Most performance activewear is bad for our skin and health because it’s made using petroleum and plastics. Even the more sustainable options, such as recycled polyester and plastic bottles, release toxic chemicals as we sweat and wash our clothes. Not the ideal choice for clothes we wash repeatedly and wear directly next to our skin.

Bio-based polyamides boast performance factors that are typically reserved for plastic-based fabrics such as polyester

IM BioPerform offers an unmatched combination of performance factors that you won’t find in other eco alternatives to polyester such as cotton, bamboo or even tencel.

Bio-based polyamides use less resources

No impact on food chain (human or animal) • Life cycle assessment low impact on climate change (-25%)*

Reduced water consumption (-20%)* • Reduced CO2 emissions (-20%)*

*compared to standard polyamides

Made from a renewable resource - Castor Beans

The castor bean plant grows in arid areas with minimal requirements for water or chemicals, and produces castor beans which contain up to 50% oil. Fibers sourced from the castor bean oil are 100% renewable, petroleum-free and plastic-free.

Free from toxic chemicals

Apparel made from bio-based polyamides are free from added chemicals that harm your health and that of the environment.

We dream
of a world free from plastic

Did you know that synthetic fibres represent the largest share of land based man-made microplastics which end up in the oceans?

Between 600,000 and 17,700,000 microplastic fibers get washed down the drain in every 5kg washing machine load of synthetic clothing. We also breathe in these fibres as they rub off our clothing during wear, and when heated such as in strong UV light. Plastic particles end up in the air and humans breathe them in.


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