Mindful Manufacturing

Inner Mettle is a springboard for fashion innovation, partnering with the most creative minds in industry. Our products are made from unique fabrics, created from natural, recycled, or innovative materials. We take the fabrics you know and love, and those you never imagined wearing, to a whole new level of functionality. 

The possibilities are endless.


by Metal.

Using rare metals we bring you antibacterial and urban shielding garments.


by the Earth.

Using castor seeds and eucalyptus trees we bring
you sustainable alternatives.

by Sustainability.

Using natural milk yarn
and other agro-food surplus
fabrics we bring you environmentally friendly alternatives.


by Responsibility.

Using plastic waste from the oceans
we bring you new ways to recycle

Our Fabrics

IM ViroBac Fabric

  • Reduces threats from viruses and bacteria via superior surface protection
  • Tested at independent labs for antiviral and antibacterial effectiveness
  • Tested on Human Coronavirus to reduce viral load by 97.5 % in 30 minutes

IM ViroBac Fabric was developed to assist with reducing microbial threats on touch surfaces within a commercial environment or at home for personal use. The fabric is suitable for a wide range of applications, such as public transport, medical facilities or hospitality as well as personal use items such as gloves, masks, uniforms and clothing. Thanks to its versatility, the soft fabric can also be used to produce consumer products. IM ViroBac helps in maintaining a safe and clean environment along with standard cleaning and hygiene procedures. 

The antiviral efficacy of Inner Mettle’s ViroBac fabric has been confirmed through tests performed by an independent EPA and FDA regulated laboratory. 

Destroys 97.5% of the Human Coronavirus within 30 minutes of contact


Breathable & thermoregulating

Copper doesn’t wash off

Moisture wicking

Bio-based Polyamide

  • Performance
  • Sustainability

Thanks to the unique make-up of the castor bean plant, the first bio-based polyamide fabric was born! Previously, only petroleum-based polyamides could offer the high performance qualities that dominate our wardrobes, especially for those who love activewear.

Renewable resource: 
fibers sourced from castor bean plant

Thermal isolation

Extra rapid drying

100% petroleum free

Odor control


Minimal water and chemical requirements.

Low moisture absorption



Milk-Made and Fabrics of the Future

  • Raw materials
  • Circular economy

Sustainable yarns and fabrics based on milk and other natural raw materials. The fabric is 100% manufactured in Italy and employs the principles of circular economy to make use of valuable resources that would otherwise go to waste.

Fabric made from milk:

Completely natural


Uses surplus from the Italian agri-food sector



Water and energy savings

Stunning milk white color


Very low CO2 emissions