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IM ViroBac Fabric

IM ViroBac is a unique copper-integrated fabric, developed to reduce microbial threats on touch surfaces within a commercial environment. The fabric is suitable for a wide range of commercial applications, such as seating on public transport, bedding used for medical facilities or uniforms for hospitality.

  • Assists in Reducing Threats from Viruses and Bacteria
  • Commercial and Personal Applications
  • Constantly Effective Copper Ions
  • Custom Colors for Larger Orders

The fabric is both versatile and durable, promising years of effective usage even under rigorous commercial applications. Wash tests on the fabric indicate negligible loss of copper ions after 40 washes.

How can IM ViroBac help my business?

IM ViroBac helps in maintaining a safe and clean environment along with standard cleaning and hygiene procedures. The fabric can help to reduce the risk of viral and bacterial transmission via surface contact.
Rather than act as a source of contamination, surfaces covered by IM ViroBac fabric can instead play a more protective role.

The antiviral efficacy of IM ViroBac fabric has been confirmed through tests performed by an independent EPA and FDA regulated laboratory.

Tested on Human 
Coronavirus 229E

Destroys 97.5% of the Virus
Within 30 minutes


4 Way Stretch Nylon
and Elastane

Versatile and Durable

Developed for Commercial
or Personal Use

If you’re interested in using the IM ViroBac fabric for your textiles company or for a special project please get in touch.

Interested in purchasing the fabric? Send us a message

How IM ViroBac Works

The secret ingredient in the IM ViroBac fabric is its copper-integration. Copper is effective against microbes because it releases positively charged ions that act very quickly to destroy both DNA and RNA. Ultimately, copper ensures microbes are continuously attacked and killed — and quickly. Giving the virus no chance to adapt and develop any resistance that would make copper less effective against it in the future. The scientists who looked at copper’s defenses against the coronavirus 229E discovered that after exposure to copper some of the virus particles were smaller, less rigid and folded up on themselves.*

*Warnes, S.L., Little Z.R., Keevil, C.W. Human Coronavirus 229E Remains Infectious on Common Touch Surface Materials, MBio, 2015 Nov-Dec; 6(6): e01697-15

Commercial Applications of IM ViroBac

Medical Institutions



Sports Clubs


Large Office Buildings

Public Transport

Public Spaces


IM ViroBac antiviral testing data against human coronavirus, should not be used as data for or proof of efficacy against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19).

IM ViroBac helps in maintaining a safe and clean environment along with standard cleaning and hygiene procedures.

We encourage commercial partners to speak to us about commercial and development applications of the ViroBac fabric developed by Inner Mettle. Partners would however need to comply with local regulations for antimicrobial claims depending on the jurisdiction they operate.

We’re Just Getting Started

As an innovative fashion brand, Inner Mettle combines science and sustainable manufacturing to promote better health and a brighter future for our world. We have worked extensively with copper materials over the past few years, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit we felt it was our duty to develop and test the copper-integrated fabric for a more immediate need. 

Pledge from Founder

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic Inner Mettle’s founder has pledged to forego compensation for this year. All proceeds from sales for 2020 will be used for research, sustaining operations and creating income opportunities for people who have been impacted by the crisis.

Frequently asked questions

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