Bio Conductive Just
Like the Soles of your Feet

Bio Conductive
Just Like the
Soles of your Feet

IM Earth Connect

Feet are our portal
to the earth.

The soles of our feet and the palms of our hands are the most conductive parts of the human body. Why? They have the most sweat glands!

Most people can’t spend enough time in contact with the earth.

Without regular earthing electrical charge from our urban environments can accumulate in our bodies.

Earthing is more than a wellness trend

"Earthing’ has been dubbed one of 2020’s biggest wellness trends, aiming to reconnect us with nature”

“ Earthing, is a therapeutic technique based on the belief that, by allowing our skin to come into direct contact with the earth (be it dirt, rock, the sea or river water), we are literally ‘grounding’ ourselves – electrically reconnecting with the earth by soaking up its negative charge, to help us rebalance.”

“ While the research on grounding for your health and well-being is relatively new, the practice is timeless. Past societies went barefoot or wore leather footwear made from hides that allowed the energy from the Earth to rise up into their bodies. They were grounded.”

“ ‘Earthing’ is a new wellness trend that not only connects us to nature, but is also scientifically-proven to help insomnia, arthritis, cardiovascular diseases and anxiety - and it’s so easy to master.”

“We are bioelectrical beings living on an electrical planet. Our bodies operate electrically. All of our cells transmit multiple frequencies that run our heart, immune system, muscles, and nervous system. With the exception of humans living in industrialized societies, all living things on our planet are connected to the ground’s electrical energy.”

IM Earth Connect was created
to enable earthing in an urban environment.

Conductive materials used for the shoe’s insole, midsole and sole, this allows free electron flow to the earth.

Shoe upper made of recycled materials: recycled lycra,
recycled mesh, recycled vegan suede.

Shoe sole made of
recyclable rubber.

Designed for extra grip.

Memory foam for enhanced comfort and shock absorption.

Cork limits moisture build up and odor.

Flexible sole for your everyday.

What people are saying about IM Earth Connect?

Laura Koniver, MD
Holistic Physician and Grounding Advocate

Gigi Kent
Holistic Health Specialist & Personal Trainer

Jenna Johnson
Actor and Conversation Creator

Oksana Andreiuk

Kylie Venezia
Lifestyle Coach

Antonia Whillans

Daniel Yores
Personal Trainer

Liz Harrington
Holistic Health Coach

Kimberly Lynn
Yoga Teacher

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