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Are you our next brand ambassador?

Join us on our mission to reshape the world of apparel design for everyone!
We’re looking for like-minded people to become Brand Ambassadors for the Inner Mettle community.

What exactly is an Inner Mettle brand ambassador?

Have you ever asked yourself if your clothes could do more? An Inner Mettle Brand Ambassador is an individual who shares our passion for innovative apparel and its capabilities. Inner Mettle Ambassadors appreciate design, but they seek even more from fashion. They are the kings and queens of continuous self-improvement and are always looking to understand what’s good for them, what’s good for our communities, and what’s not. Our Brand Ambassadors represent Inner Mettle within their social circles and help us to spread the word and optimistic energy. Inner Mettle Brand Ambassadors are extraordinary people!

You’re the Perfect Inner Mettle Ambassador if…

  • You would consider yourself an influencer in the areas of: innovation, health, fitness, self-improvement, fashion or the environment.
  • You’re not an influencer, but you have a social following with good engagement. Plus you’re passionate about taking action on social, environmental and economic change initiatives that will forge a better future for our world.

All of our Brand Ambassadors share our vision for better fashion alternatives and helping to make the world a better place!

Inner Mettle brand ambassador perks

Inner Mettle Brand Ambassadors are an important part of our community. As part of the team, you will receive commissions on purchases from your followers as well as unique discount codes to share with your followers from time to time. All of our Ambassadors receive a limited amount of free or discounted Inner Mettle clothing.

Get started today!

Applying to be an Inner Mettle Brand Ambassador is super easy! To apply please fill out our application form here. It should take you less than 5 minutes!

You can also become part of the Inner Mettle Brand Ambassador team by tagging us in your Inner Mettle product photos on Instagram with the hashtag #IMextraordinary. We will review your profile and get in touch if you’re the perfect fit.