Well-fashion is in.
And it’s changing the game for retailers.

The Inner Mettle Welless X Retail Report reveals crucial insights into the retail trends that we expect for 2022. Discover new data plus insight from industry professionals.

What’s Inside?

The trends in active-well apparel that are set to take the fashion retail industry by storm.

Our World is Changing & Priorities Are Shifting.

There’s little doubt that over the past decade our world has changed dramatically. The Covid-19 pandemic took it up a notch in 2020 — and in 2022 we’re faced with a new set of priorities.

The Wellness Generation Needs More.

Younger generations are seeking experiences and priorising their health more than their elders. What does this mean for retail?

How are Businesses Adapting?

What if today, we have not prepared fully for consumers of tomorrow? The key is : enabling consumers to improve their health & well-being at all touchpoints.

The science of earthing or grounding the body.

In 2022, we’re all connected digitally but we’re disconnected from our natural energy source. — the earth. Earthing brings nature, fitness and well-being together for the ultimate wellness experience.

Active-Well Has Arrived with IM Earth Connect


Bio-conductive earthing tech. Designed to replicate the conductivity of bare feet. You can now rid your body of excess charge as you go about your day.

Backed by Research &
Health Professionals

Research has linked earthing to health benefits such as lower inflammation in the body, reduced blood viscosity & increased athletic performance. See details here.

is Trending

Practices to optimise health and well-being are trending. The earth’s energy is an important component of the health equation. The world is now starting to wake up to that fact.


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