<< Inner Mettle represents the courage to make change. >>

The extraordinary apparel company.

Inner Mettle’s products are developed with a purpose in mind, we call it functional apparel. Designed to assist with solving problems that are impacting human health and the health of our planet as well. We’re investing in tomorrow and developing products that look at apparel from a whole new perspective.


Shaped by Innovation

Inner Mettle promises to reshape the world of apparel design for everyone. Inner Mettle apparel allows you to look good, feel good, and help protect the planet at the same time.

Our products are made from unique fabrics, developed from natural, recycled, or raw materials. We partner with industry experts to bring you revolutionary research and development woven into sophisticated designs with one purpose in mind: to increase your well-being.

Inner Mettle brings you world-class innovation, that is both eco-friendly and ethical. We respect the earth and our communities every step of the way.

Shaped by Mettle

Inner Mettle brings together a spirited team of like-minded and creative individuals who are driven for change.

We live in the now, but look towards the future. Our passion for life, encourages us to review the components of our lifestyles that are unsustainable and have the potential to cause harm. Our drive for positive change directs us to explore ways to turn the odds back in our favor.

We’re ready to raise the bar in apparel for the greater good.


If it's innovative and good for you, we're on it.

Founder’s Statement

Inner Mettle’s first collection didn't happen overnight. It is the outcome of years of hard work behind the scenes. We make innovative apparel that is extraordinary, effective and ethical.

Our goal is simple: to create products that provide superior functional benefits, while considering the socio-economic and environmental implications. Choice is a decision - and better decisions from everyone can lead to real, and lasting change. Brands have an important duty to act responsibly and to do their part for positive change. We would like to lead by example.

Commerce is a canvas, and it has brought people together for centuries. We are a team that is driven and passionate about what we do, and dedicate ourselves towards creating products that resonate with who we are. We work to identify challenges in the scope of our industry that are being ignored, and assist with better alternatives. Thank you for joining us on the journey!.