IM ViroBac Accessories

When we decided to launch a practical solution for an anti-microbial fabric, we put numerous fabric coating and infusion technologies to the test against Human Coronavirus 229E. We found out that not all fabrics made with copper are equal, surprisingly higher copper content did not mean better performance.

IM ViroBac successfully destroyed 97.5% of the virus within 30 minutes. 

Washability and the loss of copper over time was also a concern so we tested for loss of copper over 50 washes to understand the pattern. IM ViroBac provided excellent washability with negligible loss of copper over its usable life. 

IM ViroBac face cover is not a medical product or a filtration device, you’ll need to wash it regularly.
Follow your local authorities health and safety guidelines. And use #IMViroBac to benefit from a little extra science.

How IM ViroBac Helps

Tested on Human Coronavirus 229E, Destroys 97.5% of the Virus within 30 minutes

The antiviral efficacy of IM ViroBac fabric has been confirmed through tests performed by an independent EPA and FDA regulated laboratory.

Comfortable, washable and reusable

Machine washable and reusable, the IM ViroBac handkerchief offers a more eco-friendly solution than disposable alternatives. It’s also super comfy and made from our signature four way stretch nylon and elastane.

Copper is great for your skin 

Studies suggest that copper has a wide range of benefits for your skin. Some of these include improved circulation, skin elasticity, reduced wrinkles, hyper pigmentation, photo-damage and acne.

Naturally antibacterial

Copper is naturally antimicrobial and is the only metal with antimicrobial properties to be registered by the American Environmental Protection Agency.  Studies in hospital wards have found huge reductions in live bacteria on regularly touched surfaces that use copper alloys.

Negligible loss of copper ions 

Wash tests on the fabric indicate negligible loss of copper ions after 50 washes.

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