Why IM Milk innerwear?

Milk is nourishing for your skin

Casein, a protein found in milk fibre, is packed with nourishing amino acids that help keep your skin hydrated. 

Softer than wool

Milk fabric is so soft that it's able to be used as a wool replacement. But it’s even better than wool, it's soft but also silky, comparable to cashmere.

Up to 50% lighter than cotton 

Your milk made briefs are extremely light, it’s almost as if you’re wearing nothing at all. 

Micromodal fabric means that they’ll last longer 

Micromodal is a sustainable fabric made from beech fibres. Garments made from micromodal fabric are resilient and hold their shape well.

Innerwear that’s lint-free 

60% Micromodal fabric means that your garment will be free from lint balls. 

Innerwear that breathes 

Milk & beech fibres breathe naturally and wick away moisture, keeping you dry and fresh. 

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