IM Fresh SilverSole Socks

Better hygiene for your feet. Cotton socks with silver yarn to keep your feet fresh and odour-free all day long.

Why SilverSole Socks are better than your current socks

Your feet sweat a lot, and deserve better.

Did you know that you have loads of sweat glands in your feet? There’s a higher concentration of sweat glands on your feet when compared to anywhere else on your body! And so, you should take much more care when choosing your socks.

Antibacterial silver yarn

Let’s face it, our socks are a breeding ground for bacteria, even after a good wash! We’ve used a silver yarn to limit unwanted bacteria and keep your feet on top of their game, whatever that may be.

Silver lasts for 40-50 washes

The innovative SilverSole technology will keep your feet feeling fresh for 40-50 washes. Thanks to the silver yarn sole you don’t need to wash as much, ensuring the SilverSole benefits last longer.

Anti-odour & Moisture wicking

Keeps away bad smells and leaves you feeling fine and fresh all day long.

Breathable & thermoregulating

Helps you stay dry, cool and comfortable throughout the day.

Designed for comfort and durability 

You’ll love the fit, you’ll use them more but wash them less, and they’ll last longer!

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