Inner Mettle Insider, Featuring Tamaryn Payne

Inner Mettle Insider, Featuring Tamaryn Payne

Tamaryn is an actor, eco-activist and mindfulness coach. When she isn’t working she is out in nature camping, dancing, going to festivals and travelling. You can find Tamaryn on Twitter @TamarynPayne and instagram @tamarynpayne88 

Tamaryn Payne

How would you define mindfulness? 

A state of conscious awareness!

How did you get into mindfulness and meditation teaching? 

When my father passed away I discovered meditation to aid relaxation. From my love of meditation, I then began running Mindful Nature Walks for a few years and was working at a beautiful retreat and wanted to deepen my understanding and knowledge. Now I coach clients one to one to implement meditation and mindfulness into their daily lives.

Walk us through a typical day in your life. 

Meditation is the first thing I do, timing varies… then I make my bed. It’s small but those 2 things make me feel I’ve started off right…

My days a a freelancer are very varied - I could be in my home studio recording a voice over, on Zoom coaching a client, or perhaps at an event with people live. 

I also am teaching myself the harp, so I’ll play for about 30 minutes, maybe do some yoga or go for a walk, and I unwind with Netflix usually!

What are three key health tips you would give our readers? 

I’ll keep this simple like I do for myself; get outside, eat vegetables and rest when you need to :)

For how long have you been practising earthing? 

Probably about 2 years… when I met more people interested in wellness including Reiki and other energy work, I discovered earthing and realised I’d always enjoyed the feeling of it, I just didn't know it had a name.

Why earthing?

Because I love the feeling of soil, grass and sand under my feet. Because I have done my own research into how inflammation occurs and how that causes a large proportion of illnesses. 

What are your first thoughts on the Inner Mettle Earth Connect shoes? 

They look great. And then I put them on and they are really comfy! I was surprised to see a sort of ‘medical’ shoe that I liked the look of!

Tamaryn Payne wearing IM Earth Connect 

What do you feel the world needs more of in 2021? 

A bit of the slower pace we had in 2020, a generous spirit, and love of course.

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