Inner Mettle Insider, Featuring Daniel Yores

Inner Mettle Insider, Featuring Daniel Yores

Daniel Yores is a personal trainer and podcaster from Toronto, Canada. You can find him on instagram @danielyores 

Living in a big city I love to get outside and enjoy nature as much as I can. I drink too much coffee and not ashamed to admit it! My passions involve connecting with as many people as possible and helping to build better humans using fitness and health as the foundation to improve all aspects of life.

How did you get into strength training? 

I played tons of sports growing up. Along with that came a lot of injuries. Through the injury and recovery process I became fascinated by the human body, how it works, and how to make it work better. This led me into the gym and I haven’t looked back since.

Walk us through a typical day in your life. 

A typical day in my starts early in the morning by moving my body and drinking water first. I’ll then have my coffee and breakfast and get to the gym to start training clients. At some point during the day I carve out time to get my own workout in and do the things I need to do to take care of my own body. Once I get home I’ll get any admin work done, and get outside if I didn’t during the day. I’ll start to unwind watching sports at night usually while stretching and planning out the next day. All screens are off an hour before bed and I’ll tidy up, meditate and read before getting to sleep. I generally like to have my days/weeks fairly structured, but part of this structure is building in time to be unstructured, or “play time” if you will to do whatever it is that I feel I need. 

What are three key health tips you would give our readers? 

The three key health tips I will always preach are to eat real food, move your body in any way you like, and do those things again and again and again. It’s not sexy, but doing the simple things well, and doing them consistently, are the keys to health.

For how long have you been practising earthing?

I’ve been practicing earthing before I even knew about it as a concept. I’ve always enjoyed walking barefoot in the forest by the house that I grew up in. As I moved into the big city and being barefoot in nature became more of a challenge, I have to go more out of my way to make this happen and this is where the concept of earthing became a thing for me and this is when I was introduced to Inner Mettle and the Earth Connect shoe.

Why earthing?

There is something special about feeling the earth under your feet and being connected to it. It’s hard to put into words, but it’s an undeniable feeling. If I’m feeling stressed, or tired or anxious about something, getting connected to the earth always seems to help. It generally helps me feel lighter, calmer, and allows to me think more clearly.

What are your first thoughts on the Inner Mettle Earth Connect shoes? 

I am quite picky about my footwear and so naturally I was a bit apprehensive about any new shoe that I wear. I loved the concept of the earthing capabilities of the Inner Mettle Earth Connect shoe, and was pleasantly surprised that they’re also great simply as footwear.  My walks through the city feel more refreshing while wearing the Earth Connect shoes as opposed to wearing regular shoes. I would highly recommend anyone who lives in  a city or otherwise can’t get out in nature regularly to give them a try.

Urban Earthing
Daniel wearing IM Earth Connect on the streets of Toronto

What do you feel the world needs more of in 2021? 

This might seem a little cheesy, but I think the world needs more genuine connectivity in 2021. To each other, to ourselves, and to the earth. With everything that’s happened in the past year it’s very apparent to me that we all need to be in this journey of life together. And neglecting to stay connected to all of the important things seems a recipe for disaster. We need to find ways to maintain and develop true connections to everything around us, including the earth we live on to really get the most out of life.

Anything else you wish to share with us?

We all know the things that we need to be doing for ourselves. Whether that be in your job, your family life, or with your health and fitness. Actually doing them is the hardest part, but the most important. There are endless excuses as to why we can’t do something, but we’ve also got so many options to overcome these excuses. The Earth Connect shoe is a perfect example of this – I live in a city, but the shoes allow me to continue earthing, and that solves a problem for me. Whatever it might be for you, I hope you can get past the challenges and do the things you need to do to live the best life possible.


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