Are there any negative side effects to earthing?

Are there any negative side effects to earthing?

Earthing, or grounding, balances our body’s complex bio-electrical system. 

Simply put, our bodies send electrical signals via our cells for everything to function in harmony. An excess charge gained from our electrical surroundings upsets this balance. Through earthing we get rid of these surplus charges allowing our systems to function as they naturally should. 

Through earthing we don’t introduce anything strange, or foreign, to our bodies. Earthing allows nature in so that it can bring us back in balance. Research has shown  that the human body in balance results in more energy, less stress, less inflammation and less pain. 

Table of Contents

  • Earthing risks 
  • Earthing mats vs earthing shoes 
  • Earthing mat side effects
  • Earthing detox 
  • Can a grounding mat make you sick?
  • Conclusion  
  • Earthing risks 

    The only time one does not want to be connected to the ground is during a thunderstorm, due to the risk of lightning. And obviously when working in an environment where one deals with live power and insulating footwear is prescribed. 

    This usually happens in factories, not at home where we live with grounded appliances. However, make sure all appliances and cables are grounded. Faulty earthing in your home network can create electric shocks. However, these are pretty unlikely, if you want to make sure your home is correctly wired have an electrician check it. 

    Earthing mats vs earthing shoes 

    An earthing mat or a shoe, both, provide the same benefits. The difference lies in their application, when and where to use them. The earthing, or grounding, mat has to be connected to an electricity outlet to be grounded, an earthing, or grounding, shoe has an inbuilt earthing capability. 

    Obviously for fresh air grounding the shoes are the way to go. For indoor grounding the shoes would only work if the floor is conductive, which often it isn’t. So at home a grounding mat could come in handy. They could sit on a desk with our hands resting on it, or under foot, whilst we are working or watching TV, for example. 

    Other mats, or sheets, are specifically made to sleep on grounding us for the night.  

    Earthing mat side effects

    Earthing, or grounding, does not introduce anything into our bodies, hence there are no side effects to using an earthing mat, other than those from detoxing our bodies. 

    earthing mat

    Whilst earthing can’t make you sick, some people may feel uneasy, or unwell when they start to ground. In particular those which are hyper sensitive to electromagnetic fields.  

    This is not due to the practice of earthing making one’s health worse but rather, like with other treatments, changing the body back to what it should do can cause symptoms to temporarily worsen during said adjustment period. 

    Think of it like this, the body has learnt to do something to survive and now we’re asking it to use parts of its system again it may have stopped using or was using differently. We all have experienced suddenly using a muscle, during a new type of sports, or training, and it hurts. Similarly the body’s immune system could feel a little awkward until everything is back on track. So feeling under the weather is rare but can be normal and will pass. 

    Earthing detox 

    Earthing detox is a thing! We’re detoxing from a surcharge of energy, cleansing our cells. Just like if we want to detox from unhealthy nutrients by doing a detox diet, or we go to a spa and slap on mud to detoxify our skin. 

    earthing in nature


    Can a grounding mat make you sick?

    A grounding mat cannot make you sick. The only ill effect could be an electric shock if one were to be grounded on the mat and came in touch with a live power source, such as an electric cable or an ungrounded appliance, near or underfoot. 


    To sum it all up earthing is a practice that connects us with the earth and doesn’t introduce anything foregin into our bodies. It’s safe and has minimal side effects. There may be some initial detox symptoms for those who are sensitive to EMFs. Earthing shoes or barefoot earthing are the simplest ways to practice earthing however you need to be in contact with a conductive surface. 

    The content in this article is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you or any other person has a medical concern, always seek the advice of your health care provider or seek other professional medical treatment immediately. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay seeking it because of something you have read in this article or linked materials.

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