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Inner Mettle brings you the latest innovations in the apparel industry. The Inner Mettle product range uses the juxtaposition of minerals and metals to fabrics to create astounding effects, visually and functionally.

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The extraordinary apparel company.

The World’s First Everyday Grounding Shoes. Coming Soon to Kickstarter!

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Our Story

Our Story

Inner Mettle brings together a spirited team of like-minded and creative individuals who are driven for change. We live in the now, but look towards the future. Our passion for life, encourages us to review the components of our lifestyles that are unsustainable and have the potential to cause harm. Our drive for positive change directs us to explore ways to turn the odds back in our favor.  We’re ready to raise the bar in apparel for the greater good. Read More

Mindful Manufacturing

Mindful Manufacturing

Inner Mettle is a springboard for fashion innovation, partnering with the most creative minds in industry. Our products are made from unique fabrics, created from natural, recycled, or innovative materials. We take the fabrics you know and love, and those you never imagined wearing, to a whole new level of functionality and sustainability. Read More

IM ViroBac Fabric


Reduces threats from viruses and bacteria

Tested on human Coronavirus 229E, destroys 97.5% of the virus within 30 minutes.


Constantly effective copper ions

Wash tests on the fabric indicate negligible loss of copper ions after 40 washes.


Versatile and durable fabric

The fabric is long-lasting, giving years of effective usage even under rigorous applications.


Variety of applications

The fabric has been designed with versatility in mind, and can be used for a variety of commercial and consumer products.

We want to support the well-being of our communities through wholesale access to the IM ViroBac fabric. If you’re interested in using the Inner Mettle ViroBac fabric for your company or for a special project please get in touch.


Earthing for People Who Wear Shoes. Coming Soon to Kickstarter!

10 Reasons to Buy Clothes Made from Milk Fabric

10 Reasons to Buy Clothes Made from Milk Fabric

Can we make clothes from milk? Yes, we can! Milk fabric, as the name says, is made from milk. Not the bottle of milk you’re about to pour over your cereal, but the one which you may have left for too long in the fridge and has gone sour. Read More

Everything you Always Wanted to Know About Earthing

Everything you Always Wanted to Know About Earthing

Imagine what we can’t see — electric charge — it's all around us from the ground up. Electric charge is of course a good thing, but too much charge accumulated in our bodies with nowhere to go can create an unnatural state, and an overload! Read More

Warnes S.L., Little Z.R., Keevil, C.W.

Human Coronavirus 229E Remains Infectious on Common Touch Surface Materials, MBio, 2015 Nov-Dec; 6(6): e01697-15

“Incorporation of copper alloys in communal areas could help to reduce infection spread from touching surfaces contaminated with coronaviruses.”

Fadi Issa, MD

Harvard Medical School Teaching Hospital, Director of Disaster Preparedness Education Initiative, Department of Emergency Medicine

“Contact routes remain the primary mode of transmission for COVID-19. High touch surface protection in urban and clinical environments will be a effective strategy in reducing the risk.”

C. William Keevil PhD CBiol FRSB FRSPH FAAM

Professor of Environmental Healthcare, School of Biological Sciences, University of Southampton United Kingdom

“There is a strong need for antimicrobial touch surfaces such as copper alloys, and clothing may play an important role here.”