We make clothes
that solve problems.

Bringing you the latest innovations in the apparel industry. Inner Mettle products are made from unique fabrics, created from natural, recycled, or innovative materials. We take the fabrics you know and love, and those you never imagined wearing, to a whole new level of functionality and sustainability.

Bringing you the latest innovations in the apparel industry. Inner Mettle products are made from unique fabrics.

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Plastic clothing hurts our environment
and health. It’s hard to find activewear
that’s free from plastic, we’re changing that.


Food waste, such as milk, can be upcycled
into apparel. Saving precious resources and
moving us towards a circular economy.


Metallic yarns, when added to fabrics
can help to fight odor and microbial
transmission. Meaning that your most
essential apparel can serve you better.


What people are saying about IM Earth Connect?

Laura Koniver, MD
Holistic Physician and Grounding Advocate

Gigi Kent
Holistic Health Specialist & Personal Trainer

Jenna Johnson
Actor and Conversation Creator

Oksana Andreiuk

Kylie Venezia
Lifestyle Coach

Antonia Whillans

Daniel Yores
Personal Trainer

Liz Harrington
Holistic Health Coach

Kimberly Lynn
Yoga Teacher

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