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We make clothes
that solve problems.

Bringing you the latest innovations in the apparel industry. Inner Mettle products are made from unique fabrics, created from natural, recycled, or innovative materials. We take the fabrics you know and love, and those you never imagined wearing, to a whole new level of functionality and sustainability.

Bringing you the latest innovations in the apparel industry. Inner Mettle products are made from unique fabrics.

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What people are saying about us

Daniel Y.

“ I loved the concept of the earthing capabilities of the Inner Mettle Earth Connect shoe, and was pleasantly surprised that they’re also great simply as footwear. ”

Antonia W.

“ I have been wearing my Earth Connect shoes nearly every day to walk my dogs, and I do honestly feel different when I wear them! I feel like I have more energy in my legs and more awake somehow! ”

Tamaryn P.

“They look great. And then I put them on and they are really comfy! I was surprised to see a sort of ‘medical’ shoe that I liked the look of! ”

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Everything you Always Wanted to Know About Earthing

Nature, well, naturally, gets it right. Animals follow their instinct, fine tuned to live in harmony with the environment.

The human brain overrides this instinct more often than not, to...

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The Incredible Health Properties of Copper you Didn’t Know About

Have you reached your recommended daily dose of copper today? When you consider minerals that your body may be lacking for good health copper is probabl...

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Say no to plastic fibres, for a more sustainable and healthy future

What are plastic petroleum-based fibres? 

They are your synthetic clothing, such as polyesters, nylons, and acrylics. Often the term microfibres appears, in essence it ...

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An Intro to EMF and EMF Shielding

Electro-Magnetic Fields (EMF) are mostly invisible with the notable exception of visible light.  Why should you care about EMF?

Put very simply, electric activity causes vibrati...

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10 Reasons to Buy Clothes Made from Milk Fabric

Can we make clothes from milk? Yes, we can! 

Milk fabric, as the name says, is made from milk. Not the bottle of milk you’re about to pour over your cereal, but the one which you may have left for too long in the fr...

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